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Hi, I'm Michael Linert, a musician looking to connect with vibrant,  passionate, loving people through performance and education.  

These people introduce themselves to me following performances in opera houses, concert halls, recital venues, schools, homes, and on various city streets. There is no experience quite like when I can vividly see my music resonate with others!

I most frequently sing and play cello, and my musical tastes vary from a very sparse, minimalist approach to music making, such as pieces for solo cello, to the grand, spectacular approach, such as in operatic or orchestral performances. 

The music that I perform and teach is frequently from 1700-1900, some of my favorites being by J.S. Bach, Handel, and Dvorak, and I also enjoy composing my own works, typically in an introspective or humorous character.   

In every style of performance, I am seeking to engage with others through common experiences.  This requires an openness and desire to connect from myself as well as my audience, and even with the greatest intentions, I find it a rare, exquisite experience to truly connect with someone in a lasting, memorable way. 

It is this elusive aspect of the human experience which I seek daily through my practice, performance, and teaching to find, and I can only hope that it may be with you.  Please join me on this journey!