The Cello Academy is designed for cellists at any point of their development interested in extreme growth in their technique and musicianship through the course of a year. Only one or two cellists are selected each year to be a part of this intense program.

My approach is primarily centered on advancing a cellist's technique and musicality.  My view is that a cellist should look, feel, and sound good while playing, and those are goals to work towards from the very first lesson.  Lessons are complemented by weekly practice plans to help guide the student until the next lesson as well as occasional written evaluations of a student's personal practice which helps to maximize one's growth.

My pedagogy is strongly routed in the training I received while obtaining my Master of Science in Music Education degree from Indiana University.  Whenever possible, my teaching strategies are research-based, and I continue to follow recent research in music education to help make my teaching more successful for my students.  

Study in this program has five main components: exercises, solo repertoire, chamber music, sight-reading, and improvisation/composition.

My overall aim is to provide professional, safe, and efficient instruction while keeping my students motivated towards reaching the next level and having a satisfying experience.