Special Events

Types of Events


Private parties
Memorial services

Ensemble Options

Solo: Cello

Duo: Two Cellos

Duo: Cello and Piano

Duo: Violin and Cello

Duo: Voice and Piano

Trio: Violin, Viola, and Cello

Quartet: Two Violins, Viola, and Cello


Solo - First Hour: $180, Each Additional Hour: $80 

Duo - First Hour: $360, Each Additional Hour: $160 

Trio - First Hour: $540, Each Additional Hour: $240 

Quartet - First Hour: $720, Each Additional Hour: $320 

Repertoire Lists

The following repertoire lists are by no means the only pieces that can be played.  If you have a special request for a piece that is not listed below, please ask!  You are free to choose the music for your event or leave it up to us.  

Solo: Cello

Duo: Two Cellos (List coming soon - similar to Trio)

Duo: Cello and Piano (List coming soon - similar to Trio)

Duo: Violin and Cello (List coming soon - similar to Trio)

Duo: Voice and Piano (List coming soon)

Trio: Violin, Viola, and Cello

Quartet: Two Violins, Viola, and Cello

Please contact me to receive a quote, contract, and further booking information.  You will need to return a signed contract complete with $100.00 deposit in order to retain the ensemble for your date and time. 


I hope you're having a good week. I just wanted to thank you so much for playing at our wedding. The group sounded absolutely beautiful and we had so many compliments on the music you played. Thank you for being patient with us on our music selection- everything turned out great. You and the group did a fantastic job.
Ashley (Bloomington, IN)

I wanted to be sure to tell you what an an absolutely amazing job you two did. I seriously loved the way everything sounded so much, and I'm sure the music during the cocktail hour was fantastic, as well. It was just how I had envisioned the processional songs (but even more beautiful), so thank you so much for making that a reality!!
Ann (Bloomington, IN)

Weather Conditions
Outdoor events are welcome; however, due to the nature of our instruments, if any of the weather conditions below occur at the time of the event, the musician(s) reserve the right to request accommodations.  A covered location (i.e. gazebo or arbor) should be planned.
- Temperatures below 60˚F or above 90˚ F. 
- Precipitation of any kind
- Direct sunlight

Events at venues more than 15 miles from City Hall in Arvada, CO are subject to additional travel charges.  These charges depend upon distance and travel time for the members of the ensemble.  Please ask for a travel estimate.

A 10 minute break must be allowed for every 1 hour of playing with the exception of weddings and memorial services.